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Hartley Hall is a Texas songwriter who writes songs that sound like swing standards and 1960's Nashville hits. You’re in for something wonderfully different--fresh takes on classic country hits, new versions of pop songs, with cowboy yodeling songs and stories intertwined. She’s a southern belle comedienne with dry-as-the-desert self reflection and a voice like “Lana Del Rey meets Patsy Cline”.


Hartley’s writing is portraiture of life as a common, less-than-blue collar class American. Her song ‘Country Bar’ states “working in a country bar will make a thin dime feel like a new car, jukebox plays Loretta and old E.T.”, and heads on to tell the stories of patrons and employees she’s met while playing in various dive bars. ‘Who’s Cheating Who’ is based upon the illicit affairs Hartley knew too much about as a small child growing up in West Texas--“It’s not love we share, the touch that we know, your scent on my hands and in my clothes, it’s two bodies barely hanging on, and the angels sent you from below”. Grooving pedal steel licks and flat-picked guitar dance between the lines.


She works all audience ranges with her full country style dance band which is proverbially known as “The Bona Fide Accompaniment” and shines as an equally compelling solo performer. Her song repertoire ranges from classic country (Alan Jackson, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton), Western Swing (Bob Wills, Cindy Walker, Jimmy Wakely), folk (Melanie Kafka, cowboy yodeling, Swiss yodeling, Irish, French, Spanish) and a few pop cover songs (Prince, The Beatles, Haddaway, Donna Summer). She also leads the reggae style country cover band Cowboy Irie.


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